Belgian Lead Cup and Coupe de France


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Saturday our young CTL-athletes participated in 2 different competitions. Jim Zeimes, Léopold Prinz and Simon Apsner climbed in the Belgian Lead Cup for Seniors. Jim finished 3rd overall, Léopold managed to place himself 12th and Simon finished 14th out of 19 climbers. For the Juniors category Jim finished on the 2nd place.

The same day, Thao Mersch, Pol Freres, Félix Hervé and Tybalt Prinz went to the Coupe de France Jeunes in Thionville. In the U16 category Tybalt topped all 3 qualification routes but did not participate in the finals on Sunday as he had a big day of training already planned beforehand. In the U18 category Thao placed himself at a 15th position out of 24 climbers. Pol and Félix finished on the 13th and 14th place out of 17 participants.

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