Continental Youth Cup Imst 2021


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Luxembourgish Team at the Continental Youth Cup in Imst 

The results are as follows:

In the Youth A Male category Jim Zeimes and Leopold Prinz managed to place themselves at a very good 27th and 40th place. Our younger members Tybalt Prinz and Laurent Neuser placed themselves 40th and 41st in the Youth B Male category and Perrine Bieux finished on the 25th place in the Junior Female category.

Let's not forget that for many of our athletes this was the very first international competition, so it was all new to them and they had to deal with a lot of stress and new surroundings. We must say that we still are very happy with their performance and how they managed to prove themselves. 

Here's the link to the official results:

(Sadly it is not possible to see the results directly, choose IFSC Europe Youth --> Continental Youth Cup Imst --> Category Lead Male A/B, Female Junior)

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