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Dear FLERA members,

Alpinism Commission of the Fédération luxembourgeoise d'Escalade, de Randonnée Sportive et d'Alpinisme (FLERA) is looking to take Luxembourgish mountaineering to the next level. Our main goal is to train independent, well-rounded mountaineers. In order to achieve that we are starting with two activities in 2022:

1)      Basic alpinism techniques course
2)      Sortie in the Alps

The Basic techniques would be a one-day introductory course done prior to the sortie somewhere close to Luxembourg (e.g. Igel). The Alps sortie is planed from Sep 8th to Sep 11th, location to be defined.

Both activities are aimed at beginners of all ages, but also more accomplished climbers and mountain lovers exploring next steps in mountaineering. We are looking for participants and if you would like to join or know someone who wants to join this is your chance. We will help in case there are any questions about the needed skills, necessary gear, or minimum level of physical readiness.


Kind regards,

FLERA Commission Alpinisme

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