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During the weekend of 24/25 September 2022, FLERA organised a colloquium on rock climbing. This colloquium brought together a number of speakers from abroad (Germany - Frankenjura, France - Massif des Vosges, Belgium - Belgian cliffs in general) all of whom had solid experience in the process of cohabiting the practice of rock climbing and the training of participants with the protection of the fauna and flora in the areas where the cliffs are located.

A number of topics have been developed with these actors and our rock climbing commission has already started to consolidate them.

As the ministers of the respective jurisdictions invited were not able to attend the colloquium under the heading and as our event aroused a lot of interest resulting in two parliamentary questions, we reiterate our request for an interview, preferably in person, if not by teleconference, in order to discuss in person the future and the perspectives of cliff climbing in the Grand Duchy.

We are glad to see the interest in our sport and natural climbing areas goes further than the FLERA and its participants.

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