National Youth Lead Championship 2023 - Unstoppable Climbing Team Luxembourg!

On Saturday, 21st October '23, the D-Summit in Dudelange witnessed an electrifying showdown as over 60 young talents gathered for the National Youth Lead Championship. The competition was nothing short of thrilling, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats until the very end.

 Let's hear it for our outstanding athletes and their phenomenal results:
 Laura Van Wissen: 1st place in the D girls category
 Lio Delli Zotti: 3rd place in the D girls category
 Boris Bosseler: 1st place in the D boys category
 Tao Chenut: 2nd place in the C boys category
 Antoine Wullus: 1st place in the C boys Open category
 Daphné Dubois: 1st place in the B girls category
 Lola Slavazza: 2nd place in the B girls category

These young climbers showcased their dedication, talent, and incredible skills, making Luxembourg proud. 

A massive shoutout to D-Summit for providing the fantastic climbing gym, and heartfelt thanks to all the routesetters for crafting such amazing routes that kept us on our toes.  A big round of applause for all the voluntary helpers who made this event possible.

Special thanks to Caspers Climbing Shop for sponsoring the gifts for our winners, and a huge shoutout to our sponsors, ION Group and Fiduciaire Continentale, for their unwavering support.

The Climbing Team Luxembourg is on fire, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for these rising stars. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and victories!