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National French Lead Championship

Congratulations to Lola Slavazza for her outstanding performance in the French National Lead Championships!
Despite tough competition, Lola secured her spot in the finals and gave it her all, finishing in 8th place out of 57 climbers in her category. This achievement not only marks her success in lead climbing but also adds to her impressive top 10 finish in the French Bouldering National Championship. Keep reaching for the top, Lola!

Semi-finals of the French National Lead Championship

Exciting News from the Climbing Team! 

This past Sunday, Lola Slavazza put on a great performance at the semi-finals of the French National Lead Championship in Massy, near Paris. Facing off against tough competition from the northern half of France, Lola blazed through the qualifiers and secured her spot among the top contenders. Out of 73 talented participants in the U16 girls category, Lola soared to an impressive 2nd place finish!

Stay tuned as we cheer her on in the final national stage in Besançon in just 3 weeks' time! 

Championnat Lead du Grand Est

On Saturday, Lola headed to the Grand Est lead championship in Thionville on Saturday, where she dominated and secured the top spot! She's now set for the semi-finals in the northern half of France!

European Youth Cup in Curno

Exciting weekend for our Climbing Team!

Laurent Neuser, Lola Slavazza, and Daphné Dubois represented us at the European Youth Cup in Boulder held in Curno! 

On Friday, Lola and Daphné showcased their skills during the qualifications, with Lola finishing 39th and Daphné 43rd out of an impressive 83 participants in the U16 female category! 

Saturday saw Laurent's determination in action, securing 51st place out of 53 climbers in the U20 category! 


Here you can find the detailed results:


Lorraine Lead Championship 2024

This Saturday, Lola Slavazza won the Lorraine U16 Lead Climbing Championship in Pont-à-Mousson. Combined with her victories at the Alsace and Marne-Champagne-Ardenne territorial championships, she also secures the Grand-est League Cup title 2024.





Belgian Boulder Cup in Liège

Yesterday, on the 16th of March 2024, our talented climbers Jim Zeimes, Laurent Neuser, and Tybalt Prinz showcased their skills at the Belgian Boulder Cup in Liège at L'éléphant. Competing in the seniors category, they demonstrated remarkable performances, earning well-deserved placements.

Jim Zeimes delivered an outstanding performance, securing his spot in the finals and ultimately finishing in an impressive 3rd place out of 32 competitors. He finished behind Simon Lorenzi and Corentin Laporte.

Laurent Neuser exhibited his prowess on the boulders, securing the 19th position overall and an impressive 5th place in the U20 category.
Tybalt Prinz displayed exceptional talent, claiming the 12th place out of 32 participants.

Congratulations to Jim, Laurent, and Tybalt for their remarkable achievements at the Belgian Boulder Cup!

Belgian Boulder Youth 2024

Another weekend, another competition for the Climbing Team Luxembourg!

At the Belgian Boulder Youth Championship, our athletes showcased their skills and determination. After a stellar performance in the qualification round, Daphné and Lola their spots in the finals, with Daphné impressively topping out all boulders and finishing second. Lola claimed a solid 5th place. In the U16 category, Antoine narrowly missed the finals, finishing 7th out of 29 climbers, while Laurent gave a strong performance, securing the 8th spot out of 20 climbers in the U20 category. And let's not forget Tybalt's commendable 9th place out of 38 participants! Special shoutout to Maelys, who conquered the challenges in the U12 category, finishing 6th out of 11 climbers. 

Championnat de France de Bloc

On the 14th of January, at the Championnat régional de bloc du Grand Est in Chaumont, Daphné and Lola showed their skills, securing 1st and 2nd place out of 22 participants in the U16 category. In the U20 category, Laurent climbed his way to 5th place out of 24 talented climbers.

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100sations blocs

On November 18, the “100sations blocs” bouldering competition took place in Louvain-la-Neuve. Several Luxembourgish competitors participated and performed well. In the U16 category, two climbers from FLERA (Daphné Dubois and Lola Slavazza) managed to finish in the first two places on the podium, with Lola winning the final. Congratulations to our athletes!

Kids Cup St. Wendel

Our youngsters at the Kids Cup in St. Wendel!

A fantastic day for our young talents at the Kids Cup in St. Wendel, Germany, on 2nd December!  Laura Van Wissen showcased her skills and secured an impressive 6th place out of 15 in her age category, while Lio Delli Zotti climbed his way to a solid 9th place.

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National Bouldering Championship Results

What a thrilling weekend at BlocX - Urban Fitness for the National Bouldering Championship! Huge congratulations to all the climbers who gave their best and a special shoutout to our new national champions! 

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National Championship Lead - Photo gallery

Relive the incredible moments from last Saturday's National Lead Championship (November 11, 2023) with these captivating photo impressions by the talented Tommy Hardt and Jacques Welter.





National Championship Lead (A, Junior, Senior, Master) - Infosheet and Startlist

Organizer: The NATIONAL LEAD CHAMPIONSHIP + OPEN 2023 in Soleuvre is organized by the FLERA, the Climbing Center RedRock and the Sport climbing Zolwer.
Address of the Organizer:
ï‚· FLERA asbl BP 1938, L-1019 Luxembourg
ï‚· RedRock Climbing Center, 12, rue Jean Ahnen, L-4413 Soleuvre
ï‚· Sport Climbing Zolwer
Organizer Website (National Federation):
Organizer Website (Competition Venue): www.
Organizer Website (Sport Climbing Club):

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The Island Open

Last weekend Nathan Martin participated in an Open competition in The Island in Antwerp and finished 2nd overall! Congrats and keep going!

National Youth Lead Championship 2023 - Results

National Youth Lead Championship 2023

The National Youth Lead Championship at D-Summit was a thrilling gathering of young climbing enthusiasts. With over 60 participants, the competition brought together a vibrant community of climbers, and the spirit was simply fantastic.

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Coupe de Bloc Belgique U16/U18

Excellente prestation des grimpeuses luxembourgeoises lors de la coupe de Belgique de Bloc U18 et U16 qui se tenait le 14 octobre dernier à Hoboken/Anvers.

Dans la catégorie U16, les grimpeuses Lola Slavazza et Daphné Dubois, coaché par David Lequeux sont monté sur le podium.

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National Championship Lead (D,C,B) - Startlist

We want to thank everyone who signed up for our event - your enthusiasm is incredible!  However, registrations are now officially CLOSED! 

But here's the exciting part - the provisional start lists are OUT! Find your name and get ready to rock the competition!

National Championship Lead (A, Junior, Senior, Master) - Registration

Mark your calendars for November 11th!

Get ready to conquer the walls at the National Lead Championship! Whether you're in the A, Junior, Senior, or Masters category, this is YOUR chance to shine at the RedRock Climbing Center!

Don't miss out on this epic climbing showdown! Register now using the link below and secure your spot in the competition!

Let's climb to the top and reach new heights together!

National Championship Lead - Schedule

Here is the estimated schedule for our National Championships on the 21st! It might change a bit as the registrations are not closed yet. So if you still want to participate, don't forget to register here:

Check-In: 08:00

Briefing: 09:00

Qualifications: 09:30

Finals: 12.30

Podium 14.30

CTL in Duisburg

Exciting news from the Luxembourgish Climbing Team at the European Youth Championships in Bouldering!

Léopold Prinz finished 41/43 in the junior male category, while Jim Zeimes finished 34/43. In their first international boulder competition, Daphné Dubois and Lola Slavazza achieved 36/50 and 48/50, respectively. Congratulations to our talented climbers!

Climbing Team Initiation

The 1st of October 2023, the Climbing Team Luxembourg invites you to its Open Training!

Are you interested in competing in national, regional or even international competitions? Yes? We'll see you at 10 o'clock, Sunday the 1st of October at L'Escale then! 

You can find all the necessary information below. The grades showed are more of a guideline than a safe entry ticket to the Team.

What do you need from you?

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Championnat der France Lead 2023

The same weekend, the team also participated in the first round of the Championnat de France in Nancy, France. Léopold Prinz finished 1st in his category, with Tybalt Prinz securing 2nd place and Laurent Neuser finishing 1st in their respective categories. To finish it of Daphné Dubois made a 1st place in her category as well.

Overall, the Luxembourgish climbing team's participation in the Championnat de France competitions has been an incredible success. Their achievements have brought pride and glory to Luxembourg and demonstrated their incredible talent in the sport of climbing.

Belgian Youth Lead 2023

In the U20 category, Jim Zeimes finished 3rd and Léopold Prinz secured 5th place out of 8 participants. Laurent Neuser put up a great fight and finished 4th out of 13 in the U18 category, while Daphné Dubois finished 4th out of 11 in the U16 category. The team's outstanding performance demonstrated their skills and dedication towards the sport.

FLERA Ice Climbing 2023

On Thursday January 26 2023, our three guides: Ingmar, Marc, and Fred, brought 8 climbers on an exceptional four day ice climbing initiation experience all the way in Pitztal, Austria. Despite un-ideal weather conditions, the group was able to make the most of the four days with a very varied set of experiences.

After an eight-hour drive, the first day consisted of exploring the surroundings and identifying waterfalls and areas that would allow for the group to train on and climb in multi-pitch.

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Championnat de France Semi-Finals 2023

Yesterday, Tybalt Prinz and Laurent Neuser competed in the semi-finals of the Championnat de France de bloc jeunes 2023 in Chaumont, France. Both athletes had previously qualified for the competition. Laurent placed 21st out of 69 competitors in the U18 category, securing the last qualifying spot for the Championnat de France on February 18th in Sartilly. Tybalt placed 34th out of 69 in the U18 category.

Belgian Boulder Cup 2023

The Belgian Boulder Cup took place this Saturday in Loverval, Belgium. Jim competed in the Junior and Senior categories and placed 8th out of 22 in the Seniors and 1st out of 7 in the Juniors.

Belgian Youth Lead Championship 2023

On Saturday (21.01.2023), our talented young athletes competed in the Belgian Youth Lead Championship and excelled in their performances. Daphne Dubois and Lola Slavazza secured 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the U16 category, competing against 12 other climbers. Tybalt Prinz and Laurent Neuser also performed admirably, placing 3rd and 5th respectively in the U18 male category, out of 21 climbers.

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LUXQF 1 in Climbing

On Saturday (21.01.2023), our talented young athletes competed in the Belgian Youth Lead Championship and excelled in their performances. Daphne Dubois and Lola Slavazza secured 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the U16 category, competing against 12 other climbers. Tybalt Prinz and Laurent Neuser also performed admirably, placing 3rd and 5th respectively in the U18 male category, out of 21 climbers.

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Belgian Boulder Cup 2022

Last weekend our young athletes participated in the Belgian Boulder Cup at Camp de Base in Brussels. Jim Zeimes finished with a great 2nd place out of 10 climbers, just behind Hannes van Duysen in the Junior category.

Laurent Neuser placed himself at a good 6th place as well as Léopold Prinz who finished at the 10th place out of 19 climbers in the A category.

Last but not least Thybalt Prinz made it to the podium with a good 3rd place in the B category.