Commission Alpinisme


La Commission Alpinisme voit son rôle dans la promotion dans la pratique de la montagne, estivale ou hivernale. Elle s’adresse primordialement à des jeunes, en vue de leur faire découvrir des activités telles que l’escalade en grandes voies, la cascade de glace, mais aussi l’alpinisme classique en neige, glace et mixte.

Join us

FLERA Alpinism is all about classical mountaineering, alpine climbing, multi-pitch sport climbing, big walls, ice climbing. All disciplines of mountaineering are important to us and we practice them all. If you are interested in receiving news, updates and announcements on trips, then please inscribe yourself in our mailing list via the LINK or send us an email for inquiries via

Our mission

Our mission is to build independent, well-rounded mountaineers. We provide, courses and trips for beginners, steps toward becoming independent mountaineers, promotion of collaboration between clubs