Mountaineering Course 2024

For the moment there are four trainers, all from Luxembourg, who are certified trainers or experienced mountaineers, Agustin, Fred, Ingmar and Maurice. We can take 12 participants this time. We will go to the Cabane de Moiry in Switzerland. The main focus of this trip is to teach mountaineering skills on snow and glacier traverse, and easy rock. This trip will be an introductory one, as most participants are beginners and our goal is to train well-rounded mountaineers that will eventually be able to undertake mountaineering trips alone.


Approximate schedule:
Day 1 - Sunday- drive from Luxembourg to close to the hut and walk to hut
Day 2 - Monday- glacier basic techniques/climb mountaineering route
Day 3 - Tuesday- climb mountaineering route
Day 4 - Wednesday- potentially climb mountaineering route and drive back


To give you an idea about the approximate daily effort, you should expect around 6h (or longer) hikes on glacier or rocky terrain, if climbing then grade I-II with fixed rope, at a height of around 2500-3500m. If you feel you could opt up your basic fitness a bit more, then train well before the trip please, with a focus on endurance. If you have new shoes, wear them extensively before, don’t come on the trip with completely new shoes (if in doubt bring Compete).

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